Cause Air conditioning compressor overheating

Causes of air-conditioning compressor overload or ampere increase?

cause air conditioning compressor overheating

What often happens in air conditioners are complaints when the air conditioner does not get cold and are one of the causes of overloaded compressors or high-end compressor amperes.
Apart from the service life of the compressor itself due to the long-lasting use, it is also caused by several things, see below

How to troubleshoot an overheating compressors

1. Dirty condenser.

Dirty condenser can cause compressor amperes to be discharged due to
Heat from outdoor circulating cold is not perfect because the condenser part is closed
dust and overload of the compressor.

2. Outdoor fan motor spins weak or dead.

Weak external fan rotations can also lead to compressor overload. Like
Dirty capacitor housings, weak fan motor rotations cannot expose the heat generated by the circulation of refrigerants and compressors.

3. Damage or reduction of capacitor components.

Reduced value of capacitor running components also affects compressor units
where when the value is reduced, amperes rise slowly, even when capacitors are running
This is damaged, causing the compressor to fail.
To know the function of the capacitors on the air conditioning system and the size of each capacitor, you can
Items below
Function and size of capacitors on air conditioning systems based on PK AC.

4. Unstable electrical voltage or drops.

Unstable electrical voltage also drop voltage is very influential on air conditioners
when the voltage drop air conditioning system does not get cold because the compressor overheats
because the power supply of the air conditioning system is missing. Normal voltage standard of 220 v
there are several AC units that when the voltage will drop it will automatically die itself or Protect by displaying the error code.

5.Outer capillary that is stuck or narrowed.

It also affects capillary that is deadlocked or narrows inhibiting the refrigerant circulation process
which causes the compressor to work hard. This is usually marked with a needle
unstable distributor for measurement or Freon pressure that is still under standard pressure
but the ampere almost reaches the current it should be.
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These are some causes that compressor ampere rise or high, based on experience in the field and some information from other technicians.
Hopefully colleagues can help with the analysis.
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